Our DynaSwitch road switch is an independently moving crash barrier that enables fully automatic contraflow traffic management. By changing the direction of one or more lanes, the available road surface is optimally utilized and traffic flow is improved during rush hour. The system length is defined on a project-specific basis, but a minimum length of 50 m is recommended for optimum traffic routing. A manual and an automatic operating mode are available. By using our "Dyna-Bank" (a container with solar charging infrastructure and batteries), DynaSwitch can be operated energy self-sufficiently. Working personnel are no longer required in the traffic / danger zone for any traffic changeover.


Wide range of possible applications

DynaSwitch is suitable for construction sites or bottlenecks on high-capacity roads. Thanks to its modular design, the system can be easily and flexibly dismantled, moved and reassembled, including cabling and controls. This also makes it easy to maintain, expand and replace components. As an option, DynaSwitch can be equipped with dimmable LED running lights at 3 m intervals or with direction signs (e.g. VZ 625 in accordance with the German road traffic regulations).

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